About gipsyhearts

Our concept:

Unique photos of us, backpacker photographers

in the size and material that exactly fit you!

These pictures are photos from our travels and convey unique snapshots that can now be used for your rooms in the size and design that suits the style of your rooms. Whether a 300 square meter practice in Berlin or a 15 square meter studio in Paris. Modern or do you prefer vintage? Our works adapt exactly to your premises, but always retain their own flair and the feeling of having the world at home.

You choose the size. Then the material on which it is to be printed. Then you lie back. We bring it home to you!

More than just a picture, a story

You can find in our portfolio photos out of the area Street art photography , Landscape photography or Art photography , shot by us in the countries we have toured. Who we are? Learn the Artist know from Gipsyhearts!

Each of our pictures tells a story and has a geo-tag indicating the location where it was shot.

Gipsyhearts.com – A Wiesbaden startup

Born from a journey, locally based, networked worldwide.

Support the locals!

Our murals are processed from printing to finishing and packaging exclusively with selected printing experts from Germany. In this way we support the local economy even in difficult times!

Give something back!

With every purchase we support local handicrafts and we donate part of our profits to international ones Aid organizations such as Senda Verde, Waterthruskin, Charitywater, CPOC Cambodia.
Senda Verde, Waterthruskin
Fighting the Amazon fires and saving animals endangered by the fires

Charity Water
Supply of potable water in precarious places around the world.

CPOC Cambodia
A children’s home for poor and orphaned children, where I also worked on site in 2015.

Because we also see our responsibility to protect the beauty of these places that we have traveled and to support the people who have given us so much on the way as much as possible.

Our community / network / our Gipsyhearts Family

Quit job, packed my backpack and out into the world.

That’s how it started. Countries, cities and continents traveled that were full of unique impressions. Then the desire was great to let the world participate in these trips. Gipsyhearts grew out of this. A network of traveler photographers.

I’m Marco Gagliano, founder of Gipsyhearts.
Together with my travel companion and photo partner, we have put together a small selection of our pictures for you.

Our first exhibition

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Our first exhibition will always have a place of honor here. You found in Day work! Wiesbaden instead of. Since then we’ve been in Mainz and Frankfurt on the Stijlmarkt and meanwhile in Berlin to see.

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