Chapter 4 – I pack, ergo sum

Take your life, fit it in a bag and travel the world! Btw. The bag it’s restricted to 25 kg.
You got one bag, this only one backpack.

This backpack will be your wardrobe, your drawer in the kitchen, your cabinet in the bathroom and sometimes your tool chest in the garage. You will spend winter and summer, day and night together. In it self it will carry your most important belongings you will carry it in reward through amazing cities and landscapes. So much for the theory, but honestly: what are you going to leave back home?

So, here I am, one day before departing. I am packing and unpacking for the third time. The bed looks like my drunken backpack had thrown up all over it. It‘s surrounded by clothes and items, which are actually supposed to fit in it.

I start again. Shirts, shorts, shoes. One pair of sneakers for one year and one pair of proper trekking boots. A jacket, or maybe two? What about my grunge looking knitted jacket, not warm at all and takes too much space, but I love it. Packed! Jumper? Handmade by my current girlfriend. I can‘t leave without it, otherwise it‘s going to be war! Packed! Well, it‘s no too bad. I got almost everything inside, there is just my underwear, socks, camera, compass, chargers, leather bag, laptop bag, sleeping bag, little knife, big knife, swiss-pocket-knife, iphone, ipad, macbook, earphones, earplugs, toilet stuff, towels, headlight, SOS-medical bag, swim shorts, and sunglasses. Done! Of course it‘s too much stuff. Deep inside I know it, but it‘s hard to admit. We are what we have, at least in this part of the world!