Make your Pics pay for your Tickets!

Travelling has been a unique experience for me. And every time I am on the road again I still dream of doing that for the rest of my life. But money is, of course, a matter. When you travel on a budget every expense is too much. I always dreamt of making a living by doing what I love. that’s why I founded – A platform on which I can sell my photographs. I did not want to sell my photographs to stock agencies because I did not want my pictures to be used on some dodgy websites or printed on some sale flyers. Each Photograph has a proper value for me and I wanted people to see these photographs as I do.

Building this online shop it came naturally to offer this chance to my friends and travel mates. We are building a network of real travellers and photography passionates at total fair conditions.

Not sure your photographs are good enough?

As a Gipsyheart you don’t need to be a master of photography, you need a camera and your passion, the rest will come along. Fear and Doubts are what puts the breaks on most of our best occasions. That’s why we encourage talented people to try and even if their work does not fit to us, at least you tried and will not regret you didn’t. You know, in the End, we will only regret the chances we didn’t take!

That’s how it works:


Prepare a choice of pictures you would like to sell

Each Photographer has an own Signature. What’s yours? What’s the situations behind this shot? Tell us about it!


Decide your price range for each photograph

Note: We want the appropriate retribution for our work, but at the same time we want to keep our artworks affordable to many people. You will get paid off the price you set everytime someone decides to buy your photograph.

Your range could vary between: $15 – $100/Photograph


Send us your Photographs

For each Creator, we provide a space on our cloud on which you can organize your photographs and transport files in High Quality.

Most important things to know!

Where are my Photographs going to be sold?

We will sell your photographs only with your permission showing your name as photographer gipsyhearts as the brand of our network. The Photographs will only be sold as printed version and delivered to the European Market.

Do I have to give my exclusive rights?

Decide your price range for each photograph

The Copyright of your Photography will always be yours. You can decide to sell your photograph on gipsyhearts or on other portals as well. All we need is your permission to print and sell your artworks on your behalf.

If I get 100% of my price
How does the Gipsyheart-Team makes his money?

You decide the price you’ll get paid for each Sell. We from Gipsyheart will head the production costs on top. This includes the prints manufacture costs, website management costs etc. The User will pay the total price.

Once someone has bought your photograph you will receive a notification email and your amount will be sent to you in within a week. 

See some of our works